What Is Dogging

Maybe you have heard someone use the word “dogging” and wondered what the heck it was. You scratch your head and ask, “what is dogging?”

When it comes to UK dogging, its origin is rather interesting. In some respects dogging sex started a long time ago under different names, since many people have enjoyed outdoor sex for centuries. In fact, it’s said that during the 17th century, European alchemists practiced a form of wife dogging, when they traded wives temporarily.

Dogging is having sex outdoors in a public place, but there is a lot more to it, if you want to be successful at real UK dogging. So, where did amateur dogging begin? History claims it may have started as a form of “swinging” between WWII pilots and their spouses.

During the war, pilots were a very close-knit group and since a lot of pilots got killed in the war, the others apparently took it upon themselves, to shall we say, fulfil the widow’s sexual needs, if their husbands were killed. Additionally, what was closer to what today’s dogging is, the horny soldiers would watch their fellow soldiers have sex with their girlfriends, since they couldn’t get a girlfriend on their own.

But real UK dogging means doing it in a public place, or letting voyeurs join in the fun, so this wartime swinging wasn’t quite the local dogging version, we speak of today. In fact, UK dogging has pretty much gone mainstream now, but there are still some etiquette and safety measures anyone wanting to start going to dogging locations, should follow.

If you want to join in the British dogging scene, you need to start following the various dogging forum locations, or even check out ads in the newspaper or look on Facebook for local dogging sites in your area.

Believe it or not, you don’t need an invitation to join the dogging fun. It is very informal, but you should still follow some simple dos and don’ts, if you want to be successful. No one wants to embarrass or humiliate anyone and you also must be respectful to one another, especially to the women in the dogging groups.

For instance, good hygiene is a must for the successful person, who wants to have dogging sex. You should always brush your teeth, wear deodorant, have taken a recent shower, and bring things like tissues, lube, condoms, gloves, and a blanket (since some dogging goes on in parks, so you may be out in the grass). Also be sure to wear clothing that is easy to take off. For example, zippers are better than buttons and women are better off wearing a skirt and no panties, if they go to UK dogging sites.

When you get to the place where the dogging is supposed to be going on, there are special ways to attract people to your car. For instance, flashing your headlights, or leaving the car’s inside light on and leaving your car doors open, are considered to be a welcome invitation to fellow doggers.

To stay safe, always lock up your valuables so they wont get stolen while you are having your fun. You should also check ahead and make sure to know the legal aspects of having sex in public. UK dogging is not technically illegal, but in some places, you will definitely get into trouble, for instance trying it in the royal gardens of Buckingham Palace is probably not a good idea!

All in all, British dogging, as well as dogging in other countries can be a fun, exciting way to spice up your sex life!