UK Dogging Sites

So, you’re interested in UK dogging and want to know more about it? What is dogging? It is having sex in a public place, such as a park or other outdoor area, likely while allowing others to watch as you have dogging sex.

But in order to go dogging, you need to know how to find local dogging sites. If so you also likely want to save money, so you want to know how to find free UK dogging sites. Well it’s not that hard to do, as there are lots of ways to find local dogging, such as a dogging forum or dogging websites such as, or even through ads in a local newspaper or posted on store bulletins boards.

When it comes to dogging sites, you can look online, to find a list in your area. A lot of these sites are free, whereas some have paid memberships. One of the best websites to help you find fellow doggers is, established since 2004!

However, if you plan to go looking for British dogging, you need to know that it’s something only the brave and adventurous folks are good at! You have to be willing to interact with strangers, who want to watch you have sex with your partner and that they may even wish to join into the game!

So where’s the best free amateur dogging sites to go to? The most common of the free mature dogging places include public spots like a park, a parking lot, beach dogging, hiking trails, or even a public restroom. You have to be careful in a lot of these places though, as some are risky for various reasons. Such as the cleanliness factor of a public restroom, or the chance of being turned in and arrested, if you try to do it in a popular public place, or even some of the other locations above,  if you don’t wait until after dark, to have your dogging UK fun!

If you really want good access to free dogging locations, it’s likely best to join a dogging forum, Facebook page or other such dogging organization. These resources let you discuss the type of dogging you want to do, the place to go do it, as well as introduce you to like-minded folks, who will be willing to do the type of dogging you desire, such as wife dogging if you’re up to it!

But you do have to have respect for your fellow doggers. It’s fun, but it is not nice if you think you can just go into the scene and push someone into doing something they don’t want to do, or that you can just grab any available lady or man and have your way with them! It’s not like that at all!

All in all, UK dogging is meant to be a fun adventure, with people who love sex and love to watch others having sex. It’s possible to find free dogging sites with ease via Facebook, a dogging forum, the Internet, etc. However, a paid membership site such as will give you immediate access to a huge database of local doggers, with moderated profiles, chatrooms and lots of other resources! So, lets go dogging!