Dogging UK

So, what is dogging? Dogging is the act of having sex in a public place such as a park, or parking lot, and this sexy sport is very popular in the UK. Real UK dogging is not merely two people deciding to sneak around, to have sex outside. It is in fact a “group” activity, as normally there are several people, who come out to watch the couple having sex. That’s the difference between dogging UK and some random couple just trying to find a place to be alone.

Statistics have shown that people in the UK seem to love having sex in public, with one survey showing more than forty percent of people in the UK, admitting they have had sex in public. However, all of those participants may not be involved in British dogging, since they could just be couples who have nowhere else to go.

So, you may wonder why it’s called dogging. Well, supposedly when someone wanted to go out and find a UK dogging couple, engaged in mature dogging, they would tell everyone they were going out to walk their dogs! These days it’s not so sneaky and people openly announce they are looking for local dogging sites, via social media and bulletin boards. There are many websites dedicated to dogging, such as and even a few magazines, so it’s not hard to join in the fun, if you are so inclined.

Dogging usually happens after dark, since doggers don’t want to be caught by the law, or by some family walking by with their kids. That’s why they pick places like the woods, parking lots, lover’s lanes and parks. Some even choose to go beach dogging. Dogging couples need to plan for their sexy adventure and that’s why they contact other doggers, via places like a dogging forum, Facebook pages, websites such as, bulletin boards or word of mouth in some cases.

There’s not specifically a law against mature dogging, but if you get caught, you may get arrested for public nudity or indecent behaviour, or possibly disorderly conduct. If you are seen by children, or do it nearby someplace like a school, you could end up having to register as a sex offender, so doggers must be careful where and when they engage in public sex.

So, if someone says to you, let’s go dogging, what can you expect? Likely you will meet up, say in the park and if you want to get involved, you just flash your car headlights, to attract fellow doggers. Sometimes it is just the couple in the car having sex, while others watch, but some doggers are more risqué and it can involve wife dogging, where they swap partners.

The bottom line is that most doggers are just fun loving people, who love sex and love to watch others have sex. So if you are in the UK and get a chance to join in the fun and go UK dogging, if you are into that sort of thing then have some fun and go find some local dogging sites!