Dogging Wives

If you love everything to do with sex, you may have heard the term “dogging” and wondered exactly what it is. So, what is dogging? Well when it comes to real dogging, it has an interesting background. Dogging is actually slang for having sex in a public place, where normally someone is watching. It started off in the UK as UK dogging, and usually there are at least two people, sometimes several, as it can involve group sex, or just some voyeur watching a couple have sex in their car, for instance.

Some time ago, BBC News aired running stories on the “new” fad going around at that time called dogging. It may have seemed new at the time, but it actually is known to have come about back in 1951, if not earlier, when it was a term used on the British railways. It was called dogging, because many times the participants would just tell any curious law enforcement, that they were out walking their dogs.

This mature dogging has even spread abroad to other countries like the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Netherlands and Denmark. Nowadays there is a lot of support for British dogging, as well as other country’s dogging crowd. The participants find each other via the Internet on a dogging forum, websites such as, Facebook groups, blogs, or even old-style notices on bulletin boards or store flyers. People go beach dogging, or meet up in other out of the way locations, like a parking lot, public park, lover’s lane, consenting people’s gardens or other areas.

What about the legal issues? Well the UK dogging crowd should be aware, that dogging falls under British laws that list things like voyeurism, public displays of sexual affection and exhibitionism, under Section five of the Public Order Act of 1986.

It also may include Section sixty-six of the Sexual Offences Act or 2003, however, usually the police only arrest participants if they are causing problems, or as a last resort. However, that’s not the case in some places, where the participants of amateur dogging could find themselves in jail very quickly, like India and Dubai. Many nations frown upon public sex, or even public displays of affection, that don’t include sex! So if you plan to try out some local dogging sites on your next vacation, you’d better check the local laws on public nudity and related topics.

The bottom line is that UK dogging has gotten very popular with the locals and perhaps even foreign visitors. However, if you plan on trying some wife dogging, or heading to dogging locations in the UK, or elsewhere, be sure to check on how strict the nudity, or similar laws are before you go. So, if you are of a mind to do so, let’s go dogging!