Real Dogging

If you are on vacation visiting the UK perhaps someone started talking about UK dogging and you wondered if they were talking about some new kind of dog show or something. Well, British dogging has nothing to do with animals, including dogs! But real UK dogging does have an interesting history!

First off, there’s many tall tales about real dogging along with the true facts. Some people claim it all began hundreds of years ago, but likely it wasn’t called dogging back then, but people have enjoyed outdoor sex likely since mankind existed! The earliest anything similar to mature dogging on record, is back in the 17th century, when alchemists were known to doing a form of wife dogging or wife swapping!

Dogging has also been compared to swinging, but it isn’t necessarily the same thing. With swinging, everyone routinely changes partners, but with British dogging, or dogging in any other country, usually the couples stay together, but other people come to watch them have sex.

UK dogging isn’t all that new, but it was in 2003 that the BBC had a show about dogging and talked about how it was gaining popularity, since they could now find each other, via the Internet and texting. The modern age has definitely made it easier for doggers to find local dogging sites and dogging locations. So the sport of amateur dogging has really caught on and spread to other countries besides the UK!

While there’s no true manual per se, if you want to go dogging, there are a few bits of common sense and etiquette involved. First off, if you desire to try British dogging, you need to find a group via the Internet, a dogging forum, like, or even a bulletin board in a local store. Once you’ve done that, just show up (local dogging sites could include a park, parking lot, lover’s lane, etc.) and wait for other doggers. Usually the proper signal is to flash your car headlights and wait to see if anyone answers!

Also, if you plan on dogging, you need to do it in a safe way. Also, be sure to lock up your valuables like your money, wallet, purse, phone and car keys. Most people are just there to watch, or join in the sexual play, but you never know if some crook will take advantage of the situation and sneak in to steal something!

Real UK dogging is also meant to be respectful, believe it or not! It’s not an opportunity to be vulgar or degrade women. It’s never a time for anyone to force themselves on someone else! It is meant to be fun for all participants, whether you are a watcher or a doer! Plus you should wear clothing that’s easy to remove, for instance pull up pants, clothes with zippers, or women could choose not to wear panties.

Also, be sure to clean up after yourself if you go British dogging. For example, never throw empty condom patches on the ground, and be sure to gather up any trash or other items prior to leaving the area.

All in all, if you are wanting to try real UK dogging, then come to the UK and have some fun!