Dogging Locations

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and join in the sexual game of dogging, which is the act of having sex in a public place, usually while several people are watching. It is trending in the UK, but has become popular all over the world. In order to go local dogging, you need to know a few facts about dogging locations. Here are three vital facts about UK dogging sites.

1. Dogging Is Meant To Be Done In The Dark, At Night

When it comes to going beach dogging or having dogging sex somewhere, it is not meant to be done in the daytime. Why? Because you could end up being spotted by some innocent bystander who gets the shock of their life and is offended. Likely if that happens you could be arrested for indecent exposure, or under one of the UK sex laws covering voyeurism. The best way to avoid that is to check out the local dogging forum and find out the safe nighttime dogging sites, where people are likely to do it and not have anyone except doggers show up.

2. Dogging Is NOT The Same As Swinging

Many people may assume UK dogging is just another version of swinging or sexual orgies, etc. However, even though some doggers may indulge in wife dogging, it’s still very different from swinging. For one thing, most swinger parties require an invitation, but British dogging doesn’t. You can merely find local dogging locations via a dogging forum, or website and show up to have some sexy fun. Dogging is actually pretty informal and there’s no real “rules”, except to be respectful of one another, have proper hygiene, take care of the environment by cleaning up after yourselves, and to be safe by doing things like locking up your personal items, in your car’s glove box.

3. It’s Easy To Find UK Dogging Locations

If you want to go British dogging, it is really not hard to find some of the hot dogging spots. There are many dogging websites available, as well as dogging Facebook pages, etc. Just do a Google search and you’ll get dozens of returns. You can also find sites where doggers talk about their sexual adventures, which can be just as fun as going UK dogging yourselves.

In fact, has a search engine of its own, to help you find a place in the UK to go dogging. We have hundreds of thousands of members, so you are sure to find a place to try out dogging sex. We also have videos and chat rooms, where you can talk to fellow doggers, to plan your next adventure.

All in all, UK dogging is trending, but it’s not just popular in the UK. It is popular all over the world! Just be aware that in some countries, the rules are pretty strict on public nudity, or public displays of affection, so be sure you know the law, before you go dogging in a place other than the UK.