UK Dogging

Have you heard about dogging? A lot of people in the UK have, as a recent survey found more UK adults knew what dogging was over blogging! It’s estimated there are hundreds of thousands of people active in some sort of UK dogging, as well as dozens of local dogging sites. So, what is dogging?

Dogging is basically people having sex in their car, as someone else watches, or even gets invited to play along with the mature dogging couple. Dogging began in the UK, and now it’s also gotten popular in other countries. The name dogging comes from people who liked to catch couples in the sex act by following them, or dogging them.

These days real UK dogging can involve all kinds of folks, from middle aged suburb dwellers, to gays, trans-genders, bi-sexuals, and all colors, religions and creeds. It is quite popular, so here’s 10 tips to master UK dogging:

1. Know how to find local dogging sites or a dogging forum –If you want to join in the dogging scene, it’s pretty simple to find a group online. The dogging forums actually post the times and places they plan on being, so a newbie can join in the fun. There are dogging websites, such as, where you can see a list of all the most trending locations, such as parks or other secluded areas.

2. Know how to signal other dogging couples – Many times people looking for amateur dogging, will do so via “toothing”, or using Bluetooth, to seek out fellow dogging couples, or singles who may be in a nearby parking lot or park. Plus, they use several kinds of signals. For instance, they park somewhere and flash their headlights, to tell a potential voyeur they plan to have sex and put on a show in their car.

3. Follow proper etiquette – Many times doggers try to be a bit discrete, because they sure don’t want the law shutting down their fun. So don’t go around driving aimlessly, asking people if they want to go beach dogging, or be overly aggressive when you meet someone.

4. Always use protection – Plus you should always have condoms available, if you go to any of the dogging locations.

5. Clean up after yourselves – Never leave a mess after dogging. Don’t be rude or nasty, by leaving things like condom packages, underwear, used condoms, etc. It just isn’t right!

6. Store your valuables – Be sure to lock up any valuables in your glove box. You don’t want anything to turn up missing when you go British dogging.

7. Lock your car doors – You may think it’s silly, but you should always keep your car doors locked, when having your sexy fun! Sometimes you are getting involved with strangers and voyeurs and you never know who you could trust or not, so it’s commonsense.

8. Have some respect for others – When going UK dogging, it’s not a free for all! Be respectful and ask if you can touch someone, especially the women.

9. Leave your car’s engine on – It’s also safer to leave the engine on while dogging. That way you can get away in a hurry if needed.

10. Keep things legal – British dogging isn’t illegal, however, there are public nudity rules. Yes, doggers like to be watched, but you don’t want just anyone catching a glimpse of your nakedness, unless they are fellow doggers!