Amateur Dogging

Some people may try to keep it hush hush, but there’s a sexual scene being played out by UK couples called dogging. In fact, it’s estimated around 60 percent of the UK parks have had people show up, to participate in dogging. Many know what swinging is, or some of the other types of sexual games people may get involved with, but what the heck is dogging?

Firstly, it’s not having sex in the doggy position, though it may sound like that. It’s actually a term used for having sex outdoors, whether that’s in a car in a secluded hideaway, or not having a care in the world, who may see you and doing it out in public, in dogging locations, like at a park.

The phrase itself is originated from “walking the dog”. During the late 1980s, couples were being caught by single guys, who were watching them make love in their cars at dogging sites. If the police were called and they then asked the voyeur what he was doing, they started telling the officers they were merely out. walking their dogs.

Sometimes the couple even asked the voyeur to join in the adventure, which then turned into an orgy, of between 3 and sometimes as many as a dozen or so, participants – all in the act of having mature dogging sex in an outdoor location.

UK dogging includes both voyeurism as well as exhibitionism. But it has also gotten popular in Scotland and Wales in some areas. The people playing the part of exhibitionists, are the ones engaging in real dogging, while the ones who are the voyeurs, are oftentimes men, who like to watch the couples have sex.

Lots of time, if anyone shows up and discovers them, the group will invite them to join in! In some respects, people are comparing it to a type of flash mob! You can even look up locations for UK dogging, in available databases, on a dogging forum, which lists places would-be participants can find local dogging and have some fun with like-minded folks.

Dogging seems to mostly attract heterosexual couples, that come from just about any income level or background. People find potential partners on not just a dogging forum or websites, such as, but also on bulletin boards, word of mouth, and social media sites. People also use text messaging, to meet up in a confirmed location and a lot of times they even film the dogging, so they can enjoy watching it again later on.

UK dogging has gotten so popular, even singing groups are making up lyrics in honour of it, such as a song by the URockers group, which proclaims that public sex feels so right, and it is a dogger’s delight.

Dogging attracts people mostly between the ages of 30 to 50, according to one such group, but one 70 year old recently bragged about the fun he had, with mature dogging. So, if you love sex and have the desire to be an exhibitionist too, then let’s go dogging!