Local Dogging

UK dogging is trending these days, so many people are trying to find out all they can about this mature dogging activity, with all the ins and outs of joining in the sexy fun. For the most part, it’s considered to be an activity that takes place at night, as most of the places where amateur dogging takes place, are potentially locations, where families go in the daytime. Examples are parking lots, the beach or public parks and no one wants to offend anyone, or be hassled by law enforcement.

So, here are three of the essential tips you should know, before getting involved with local dogging:

1. Personal Safety Is A Must

People who join in the fun at local dogging sites are there for a good time. They sure don’t want to have anything bad happen to them, like getting robbed or injured in some way. Firstly, make sure you know where you are going and that it’s somewhere you found listed on a dogging forum or website such as FindDogging.com and not just some strange person who approached you, while you were out on the town!

And once you get to one of the known dogging locations, you should put all your personal things like your purse, wallet, phones, keys, etc. locked up in your glove box. Don’t leave them just laying out in the open, on the car seat, for instance. While most of the people there, are going to be there just to watch the sexy fun, it’s possible someone else could sneak in during it and make off with your things.

2. Legalities Of UK Dogging

It’s vital if you plan to get involved in the mature dogging lifestyle, that you know all about the legal aspects. When it comes to British dogging, the law is somewhat lenient, depending on if you are causing a disturbance, or bothering other people. You should be aware, however, that the UK has a brand-new law regarding sexual offences, which includes voyeurism; it’s under Section sixty-six as well as Exposure and Section sixty-seven.

The bottom line is that if you cause anyone to be harmed, or distressed, there can be consequences, but technically it’s not against the law to participate in outdoor sex. However, if some stray person walks by and sees you in the act, and is offended, you could have a problem. So be sure to keep your dogging activities to secluded areas and do it after dark. And if you are one of the people who like to watch, be sure you are indeed watching dogging couples and not just some random couple on lover’s lane, trying to have a good time alone!

3. Know The Proper Way To Attract Fellow Doggers

And of course, you can avoid a lot of those issues, if you know the correct ways to attract fellow doggers. Once you arrive at one of the real dogging locations, you need to park your car and give some sort of signal, that you are either looking for a dogging partner, or don’t mind if someone watches you and your partner in the act of sex. One accepted method, is to flash your headlights, or you can also leave the top ceiling light in your car on.

So, if you are ready to have some fun dogging, just follow the above suggestions and of course be sure to shower, use deodorant and dress in easy to remove clothing for best results!